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From an extensive amount of courses at a wide variety of price ranges to that higher level coaching, I got you covered. My purpose is to elevate your business and transform it into a highly profitable and wildly in demand one. We're here for sustainability and real life results.

Have a look at what I can do to support and better your business. No one made it to the top alone, so let's get you there together my girl.

The Instagram Kit

master social media marketing

Your 11 chapter self-paced workbook that covers everything about being a money magnet and relationship building queen on Instagram. Consider it your blueprint to that success you read about online and feel an overwhelming feeling of imposter syndrome from.

This is exactly what I did to go from living that stable 9-5 life to full out entrepreneur. If you want all my best kept secrets on how I've managed to make a BIG impact in such a short period of time then this kit was made for you.

Natasha Zoryk_The Instagram Kit

Passive Profits

work less, make more through passive income

Passive Profits is a self paced 4 week online course made for emerging or established entrepreneurs who are seeking more money, more time, and more freedom in their life. If you're on the verge of burnout and desperately seeking more flexibility within your business, then you're in the right place. This course was designed to change your entire life and bank account.


From basic to expert level, you're going to walk away from this course knowing your passive product(s), how to set up effective automations, sales funnels, master email marketing, dominate social media marketing, become a boss at launching, and transform into a manifestation queen.

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The Sales Expert Bundle

unlock the power of sales psychology

A total online course designed to teach entrepreneurs how to land more dream clients with authenticity, ease, and confidence, so they ditch the sleazy feelings and lean into a soul-centered approach.

This course was designed to help entrepreneurs in all niches excel in their field, increase their conversion rates, and ditch the overwhelm with selling once and for all. If you're looking to get into the minds of your clients, understanding buyer behaviour, and master sales psychology so you effortlessly sell out your offers and launches, then this course is your golden ticket to a booming business.

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No Figures to Six Figures

from 9-5 to multiple 6 figure biz owner

This is a transformative 6 week program that will allow your business to sustainably scale to 6 figures and beyond. Get ready to uncover the art of YOU by simplifying your business so you can scale with both ease and confidence. We're going to be unpacking advanced strategies so you can start showing up online fearlessly, creating high impact content that curates your memorable legacy.

No Figures to 6 Figures


mentorship that will entirely elevate your biz

This will be the only way you can get that 1:1 coaching from me and the highest level of transformational support. My signature mastermind will be launching in 2021, twice a year. Get ready!

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I purchased both Natasha’s Instagram Kit & Passive Profits course and let me tell you this girls methodology’s WORK!

The thing with investing in one of Natasha’s products is you get HER too, over the last few months of following her & investing I’ve felt part of a community. I’d even go as far to say that passive profits felt like group coaching programme! You saw her results & other peoples and it spurred you on to do better. So I’ll finish by saying if you’re worried you’ll purchase the insta kit or course and find it overwhelming... there’s no need- she has your back!!

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How I Can Mentor You

let's make magic

Fun fact! I started my business as a website and graphic designer because I have such a passion for aesthetic things and art (line art to be exact -- if you know, you know).


I recently transitioned from offering courses and design services to stepping into the coaching field because getting those, "I started my business because of you" messages seriously light me up. It's what I've been put on this earth to do and through my successes and failures, I hope to inspire female entrepreneurs all around the world to take those risks with me. I want to uncover the magic behind real and authentic business practices.

No BS methods, no manipulation, and no empty promises. I'm here to change your life and business.

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no figures to six figures

Group Coaching Program

This program will unpack what it takes to go from that secure 9-5 life to a multiple 6 figure business owner.

Natasha Zoryk_Work with me

highest level of coaching


This will be for those high level entrepreneurs who are ready to make an even bigger impact. This will be the only place to work 1:1 with me

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Natasha Zoryk_Monthly Workshops

coming December 2020

Live Workshops

It's my passion to sit in front of my laptop and speak to a big group of empowering women and educate them on how they can do the damn thing. My passions for this sparked when I created my Facebook community, The Entrepreneur Hub. I hop on lives every week and the energy and feeling knowing I'm helping women thrive in their business gives me absolute chills.

This is where my idea of hosting monthly 1 hour workshops came to life. They won't be expensive, but they will be value packed and serving you the best knowledge on how to create your very own booming business.

Every single month. New topics. 1 hour. $97.

The best part about it all? You can come every single month with a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee (with a dash of oat milk of course) and just enrich your mind on new topics that are guaranteed to serve your business with your girl Tash!

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attract dream clients

my best kept secrets on how to attract dreams clients on ig

Download my free gift to you! This will rapidly grow your IG account, increase conversion rates, and attract 65 new dream clients to your biz.

This freebie has over 3000 downloads and insane results.

UNLOCK MY TIPS ON HOW I create high converting emails

Get access to Passive Profits email marketing lesson for free! Yes you read that's totally free.


You're going to get the video module and master workbook that will break down the format you should use when crafting up high converting emails and the mental triggers they should have to get your audience locked on and buying with urgency.

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work less make more