The Bingeable Bundle

The Bingeable Bundle is the Black Friday deal you never knew you needed! This value packed bundle was created to help you break through your current mindset + money blocks and create a brand on Instagram with irresistible content that gets you visible in front of your dream clients. With 7 courses, 7 entrepreneurs, all for $97 dollars it's a no brainer to treat yourself and crush your year end with some value packed knowledge from some badass experts!


Get ready to become magnetic online; It's time to make you more MONEY right now!

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Natasha Zoryk_Digital Marketing and Desi

natasha zoryk

Marketing Strategist & Coach

Natasha Zoryk, digital marketing expert, educator, and podcaster, helps female entrepreneurs become wildly in demand and highly profitable through the power of digital marketing, design, and relationship building. She helps you pave your roadmap to owning a multiple six figure business.

She transitioned from a designer to a full out marketing strategists within a year of starting her business, earning 6 figures in 6 months. Coaching women all around the world on how to boss up and own their CEO role by being a true authority in their industry.

the instagram kit

Your self-paced, 11 chapter ebook, and social media marketing secret weapon. It covers everything about being THAT girl on Instagram. Consider it your blueprint to that success you once dreamed about, the key to being booked out with dream clients, and your ticket to turning your passions into major profits.

This is exactly what I did to go from living that stable 9-5 life to full out boss af entreprenuer.

If you want all my best kept secrets on how I've managed to make a BIG impact in such a short period of time then this course will work wonders for you and your business.

shannon stewart

Intuitive Business Coach

Shannon Stewart, your spiritual business bestie, helps female entrepreneurs incorporate mindset and energy work into your business strategy so that you can stand out online by being your true authentic self and having fun doing it . She helps you see where the blocks are in your business so that you can create a strategy that will help you stand out from the crowds + start making bank.

The Bingeable Bundle

This self paced course, The Purpose Driven Brand, is my 4 step framework on how to create a stand out brand online that attracts your ideal clients. It's exactly what you need to get crystal clear of who you are, your ideal client (yes, you will learn how to niche down) & become that 'go to' person in your niche.

Remember, your brand is the foundation of your business. Without clarity, you will have a hard time attracting your ideal client & have an even harder time making those consistent income months you dream of.

If you are ready to have a brand that stands out, then this is the course that will give you the foundations to create a huge impact online.

The Purpose Driven Brand

Steph Wharton Headshot.jpg

steph wharton

Brand Coach

Steph is a Business + Brand Coach for creatives. She helps you stand out authentically from the sea of competition so that you can book out your business. Her main priority is to make sure you stop wasting time and make your dream life a reality. 


When she’s not coaching clients on all things biz and branding, you can find her with a big glass of red wine, watching Spanish shows on Netflix, and making paella. Let’s be honest, she’s day-dreaming of one day living in a Spanish villa!

OOTBC is a course that follows my signature framework for attracting dream clients out of the blue through leadership and collaboration. It was created with online service-based entrepreneurs in mind, who are ready to position themselves as leaders, to connect with others, and make a greater impact in the online world.

Out of the Blue Clients

courtney taylor

Transformational Coach

Courtney, best known as the "Modern-Day Psychic", is a renowned psychic-medium and expert relationship intuitive, who has coached men and women all over the world. She provides a non-judgemental safe space for you to dig deep, explore and energetically clear anything that may be challenging you. With a very direct but compassionate and humorous approach, Courtney prides herself on a reading style that is familiar and similar to chatting with a best friend. With a successful background in social work, she not only gives insight into what is happening, but provides an action plan on what to do next. As a Reiki Master healer and a passion for energy work, a session with Courtney will with no doubt leave you feeling uplifted and empowered. As well, she finds incorporating crystal therapy beneficial and loves giving information on what stones may be helpful on her clients current path. Those who are looking to expand their own spiritual gifts often find themselves working with Courtney as she provides the tips, tricks and tools to tap into their own spirit team.

The Bingeable Bundle

Crystal Clear Academy

Crystal Clear Academy is for both the crystal newbie and the seasoned practitioner. This self-paced course features 40+ videos on everything you need to know to start using crystals in your self-care regimen today. You will learn about the Chakra system, where crystals come from and how they are used, different ways for you to incorporate them into your space and a look into the main gems. The bonus section provides resources for you to incorporate Crystal Therapy into your business practice. Courtney is teaching you her secret recipe. That she has been using to heal clients for over 10 years.

The Bingeable Bundle

genicca Whitney

A manifestation master, sales goddess + energy activator

Sales magnetism

You are always selling. But there’s a way to do it that doesn’t feel awkward or pushy. In Sales Magnetism, find out how to effortlessly attract soul-aligned clients to your digital doorstep, in your content, in your conviction and in the way you show up in your radiance!!

savannah daniell

Money Organization Expert

Hi, I’m Savannah! I’m a Money Organization Expert and I specialize in helping womxn get their finances organized so they can focus on other parts of their lives and know that they are building their wealth in the background. I have my bachelors degree in finance from one of the top rated universities in the country, and I have over 7 years of experience working in banking and helping manage over $100 million in assets at a financial planning firm. I am obsessed with helping womxn become wealthy! 


I live in a 167sq ft camper with my husband and my senior rescue pitbull, Rusty. We have been traveling full time since September 1, and so far we have been to over 12 National Parks! When we aren’t rolling down the road, you will find me hiking, crafting, or obsessing over the coolest nearby plant. I’m eternally optimistic and will love you like my best friend. 

The Bingeable Bundle


The Wealthy Woman course is all about getting your finances organized for effortless wealth building! When your money is organized and made efficient, you can focus living your life and doing the other things that you like to do, like run your business or spend time with your family, and know that you are building your savings and paying off any debt automatically and in the background. Money should be easy and effortless, and this course teaches you everything you need to know to claim your financial power and live your life intentionally! 

Manifestation Master

The Bingeable Bundle

steph rigby

Content Mentor

Steph is an Instagram content mentor who empowers her clients to create authentic content and helps them focus on using Instagram to grow their business. She has over 5 years of corporate sales & marketing experience but the 9-5 life just wasn’t for her.  She started her online business after constantly waking up feeling tired, unhappy and longing to do more with her life than just trying to climb the corporate ladder. 3 months later she went fulltime in her business and never looked back! Now she mentors online creatives in creating content that stops their dream clients scroll!

the ig niche queen

The IG Niche Queen course is for both new and seasoned online boss babes. This self-paced, easy-to-follow course features 5 modules, 23 lessons & 14 value-packed downloads on everything you need to know about building a fan-following of super engaged dream clients, who are your true admirers! Stop trying to sell to everyone, and start selling to YOUR biggest fans; the people who love you for who you are and the value you provide, not how good your profile looks or how many followers you have. In this course you’ll learn about the importance of niching down on Instagram, and be guided through figuring out EXACTLY who you want to work with most aka your dream clients. You’ll also learn how to find, connect with and convert them into loyal customers by creating scroll stopping content that speaks to their souls. 

I’m teaching you how to organically grow an engaged following on Instagram that’s full of your most dreamy clients and come up with scroll-stopping content that will help you build genuine connections that convert your followers into paying clients who love working with you! I’ve personally come up with these methods after years of working for Online CEO’s helping them grow their social media accounts, and organically growing my own account by building strong connections with my followers.

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