Ep. 013: Owning Your Financial Wins and Ditching The Fear of Being Judged

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

This has been a big topic as of late...

Whether you are scared that people around you will see you differently as you grow or if you are already having to knuck a few..


A quote from my dad: "The higher you soar, the smaller you will appear to those that do not fly"

1. Growth scares people. It's intimidating, especially when people take it personal aka they see it as THEY are not doing enough in their life. You are not responsible for others not taking action. Take it in, you are not the same for a reason.

2. Remove those with negative energies. They will do nothing but bring you down. As a business-owner you HAVE to protect your energy at all costs. If someone comes at you with judgey or negative comments, it's more a reflection of what they think of themselves. You are above that AND them. P.S They always come back around.

3. There will always be haters. No matter if you are doing the best or the worst people will always have something to say, you may as well live your best life as a baddieeeee!!!

4. Be the energy you NEED. Take hold of that abundant energy, because it is not rude or greedy or self-centered. It's empowering to be open about finances and will motivate others to shift their energy to one that's more positive in the long-run.

Don't dim your light sis, it's neverrrr worth it and we need you shining!!

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