Ep. 017: Create Your Dream Program

We all dream of creating a group program where the members take action, are constantly inspired, and become transformed together. But ho0owwww Tash, is what you are really wondering. How do I get there and create this ✨magical✨ space and get them these crazy wins!?

My Tips:

1. Underpromise and Overdeliver

Go above and beyond when they aren't expecting you to like giving random bonuses and expand on questions from individual members for the rest of the group. This makes your members feel heard and cared for and like woww, she's surprising me left and right!

2. Set The Tone

Set the tone for how they will engage in the group, how clients will interact with you, and how fun and supportive it will be for them. You are the one in control, if you want fun, light-hearted engagement you have to facilitate that and not expect the members to create that space for you.

3. Attraction Marketing

Who you attract but become attractive to the other members. They have to vibeee or else the community just won't be there. Be intentional about who you want in the group, don't just pick anybody, we don't want to lead with desperado energy here.

4. Have Good Energy

It's contagious. Your members will look up to you as the expert and for guidance. As the facilitator they will follow your energetic flow so it needs to be at a level you want them to carry forth. It will overall be a reflection of how motivational you are.

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