Ep. 016: How To Sustainably Scale Your Business

Getting rid of the feast and famine business model will help you ease your stress. To me, sustainability means growing true generational wealth and abundance. Here are my tips for how you can bring this into your business:

1. Stop Chasing "The Next Big Thing"

You don't have to do more to make more. Focus on the long-term of your goals, those most likely don"t include "get-rich-quick" schemes and will end up burning you out. You need to loveeeee what you are building through and through in order to keep going.

2. Focus On Your Legacy

This is where authority flows from. Knowing who you are, and what you will be known for will provide that passion for showing up for others in an impactful way.

3. Have Soulful Systems

These will be your backbone once these are set up. It's your business working for you so you don't have to. Automate your sales, leads, everything. You will be mind-blown by how much systems can change the game for you.

4. Passive Income

Let's move from you being a service-worker to becoming someone who has a high conversion rate without being there all the time. It's possible to work less and make more.

5. Simplicity

Scaling back can help you scale forward. Being able to serve others with offers that are concise and are truly aligned will sky-rocket you beyond your belief!!!

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