Ep. 015: The Truth About Selling High-Ticket Offers

If you have ever felt like there was a barrier between being able to charge for high-ticket offers, i'm going to demystify and illuminate exactly why you should start TODAY!

Unpopular opinion alert: It's actually easier to sell high-ticket offers than it is low-ticket.

The secret to scaling is client retention. Loyal clients will always be ready to buy from you because you are constantly in-touch with how to sell to them.

And because of that, you may not even have to launch because the awareness is there and all you are doing is inviting others in to what you offer.

Selling high-ticket actually gives you the energy to be peaceful about your offer, you can let go of the FOMO urgency tactics that can feel forceful for your audience.

When people invest more money, there is a higher level of investment from them in creating results for themselves. They see the value, they utilize, and they do the work.

Here's another amazinngggg thing about high-ticket. You get to do LESS. Simplicity is key and the need to chase the next big thing gets to be thrown right out the window. BYE FELICIA! Scaling back truly allows you to scale forward. I believe in that 100% and have seen it work in my business.

The impact cannot be denied.

So girl, get rid of those limiting beliefs and step into that power.

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