Ep. 014: How to Shift From a 5-Figure Business to a 6-Figure Business

I struggled to break into my first 6-figures, and if this is you right now these tips are the cornerstone of what helped me scale, scale, scale. I want you to imagine yourself as a 6-Figure CEO as you listen to this episode because you absolutely are capable!!!!!

Let's dive in:

1. Become An Early Riser

Don't hit that snooze girl.. waking up early will change your life. You'll start your day with more peace and be confident going into it that the right tone has been SET!

2. Have A Morning Routine

Your energy in the morning is what is going to set you up for success during your work day. Creating solid habits will keep you and your business healthy.

3. Read More Books

Your mind will normalize the growth needed to happen when you focus on nurturing your mindset with knowledge from people who have gone out and become the badass leader they are today. Their mindset is what set them apart and it is what will set you apart too.

4. Automation

Automation is going to keep the train moving and CONVERT. You will find yourself never skipping a beat in leading the customer journey and they will feel the connection because every aspect of what they receive will deepen the relationship. See below for 20% off Dubsado.

5. Outsource

I get it, it's hard to let go, but when you do, your business will change for the better. Those time-consuming tasks being taken care of is huge for you being able to move forward while not being bogged down.

6. Stop Over-Discounting

The vibe you want is not having clients walk all over you and under-paying you. Set the intention that your work is worth every coin. Your mindset if it is stuck on scarcity will not attract the dream clients you want.

7. Passive Income

This is how you will truly unlock that 6-figure growth. Adding passive income will take your sales from 1-2k a month to 10-50k a month. If you are constantly trading your time for money it won't happen fast enough. Look into creating courses, becoming an affiliate, or selling an ebook. Game changer!

8. Diversifying Your Product Suite

This will allow your customer to go through a journey that will leave them satisfied and craving more of your offers. The saying goes, your next client is more than likely a previous one. Once the trust is built through small offers they will see you as the expert and be the first ones in line for your high-ticket offers.

These will help you sky-rocket and move towards your dreams.

Take action and execute!

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