Ep. 011: Pivoting From Design To Mentoring

The most important thing I want you to take away from this episode: your time is your energy and your biggest currency.

I managed to go from complete amateur in design to 6 figures in 6 months being a web and brand logo designer.

Then a shift happened... I realized I loved designing, but than that, I loved the business side of marketing even more.

I had no idea that the courses I was creating during my transition into mentoring would hit the way it hit people, because girllll my Etsy store for my Instagram Kit was POPPIN' OFF! Just by sharing my knowledge and connecting with the clients who took my courses I saw myself walk into mentorship and loving it. If not for going ALL in (even though I was scared) I wouldn't have this amazing community or become booked for international speaking gigs.

When the work you produce comes from a place of passion you will find yourself absolutely loving what you do. It's okay to take time to get into your flow, it's important that you are in alignment with the energy that you're putting out.

The value, the attention to detail, the authenticity that you bring to the table cannot be found in comparing ourselves to others...it comes from knowing and loving what we put out completely and being proud of it and who we are.

Through your journey, you will find that your fulfillment will come from using those skills that you've picked up along the way of growing. Always remember, every situation you find yourself in will push you into alignment, no matter how rocky it feels. Trust yourself and the process of becoming the badass boss that you are queen!

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