Ep. 010: How I Failed At Launching The Instagram Kit

Get ready because I laugh soo much in this episode thinking about how I failed my first launch. Honestly it still makes me cringe sometimes, but I am here to share my hard-learned lessons so you can avoid these painful mistakes when you launch your next big offer.

1. Don't rush your creation process. Create quality from the start and give yourself time to prep your product and will lessen the stress of the launch

2. Prime your audience 3 weeks to a month before announcing your launch. Dive into the Entrepreneur Hub and watch the training on how to prime

3. Have a sales page!! Cannot stress this enough, this is where potential clients get excited and where they get impacted to click the buy button

4. Email Marketing is your BFF. Popping up in your client's emails is so crucial to warming them up to the sale. There's a free lesson on email marketing below for you to immediately implement and enjoy!

5. Instagram Stories.. Your IG stories are your second connection point and also act as a sales page. You need this because it will increase your sales bey expanding your visibility and reach and will convert followers to those high-paying clients. Remember, CTAs are magic!

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