Ep. 009 | Grow Your Instagram Fast in 2021

Taking control of your Instagram success can be overwhelming, but by popular demand I'm diving into how to grow your online community.

1. Be bold and genuinely engage with others in your niche hashtags. Don't use fake lingo, people can see right through it. Being yourself will bring the right followers.

2. Consistency. This determines your authority and financial wins, people need to see you to trust you. Have a plan with how you show up so you can stand out and start seeing major shifts!

3. Use all of Instagram's features especially the new ones like Reels. Instagram rewards those who use their new features by massively pushing their content to as many eyes as possible.

4. CTAs, CTAs, CTAs! These will promote saves and shares and increase your engagement. Try it and watch the views on your content skyrocket!

5. My all-time fave, you need to build genuine and authentic relationships. By creating loyal followers they will stay by your side through thick and thin and be the most engaged with your content.

6. Attraction Marketing - the key to selling without selling. Who you are is what attracts others to you, focus on being authentic in your highlights, your content, and connections.

Keep pushing, you can do this girl!

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