Ep. 006 | Stepping into your Higher Self and Mindset Work with Amanda Luketa

Updated: Dec 11, 2020


Welcome everyone to Tash talks. I'm so excited that today I have my first ever guest and her name is Amanda. She is the most amazing transformational coach I have ever come across. She does some amazing work with her clients. She has the most compelling story. She is filled with knowledge and I'm just so excited to have her on the podcast.

And I'm going to let her take the floor so she can introduce herself, give us all that amazing knowledge that she has, and I'm going to let her share her story. So, hi, Amanda. I will let you introduce yourself and yeah.


Oh, hello. I'm like just, I'm feeling so grateful to be here. Seriously. Thank you so much for having me on, like, and that was a wonderful introduction, so, Oh, thank you so much.

So, I guess to start off maybe a little bit about my background and how I kind of got into coaching. So I started as a copywriter. That was my first like introduction to entrepreneurship.


That's when we connected. I remember.


Yeah. That was back like way back when I was a copywriter. And that entire thing transpired because I had gone down this very traditional path of going to school and going to more school and getting a nine to five and being in that world and just realizing that that was not a good fit for me.

I knew I wanted to do something more and I'd always loved to write. So my background in the like traditional world was engineering. I was always that, that engineer, that person throughout school and in my work who loved doing like the reports, I loved writing and I loved putting together the presentations and everyone was always so like shocked.

It's like, you're an engineer. You're not supposed to be able to communicate or know how to do that. So copywriting really just made sense and. It's funny because throughout that process, while I fought that I would, I would be totally happy once I'd had this like a successful business, you know, creating my own freedom.

I just, had this idea in my head that that would solve all of my problems. But then I got to this point where I had reached the level of success that I thought that I wanted. And I still felt pretty much the same. Like I was still dealing with a lot of like the same internal. Struggles and limiting beliefs and mindset blocks.

And while this was an improvement from my nine to five, I still felt in that same sort of energy of, I have to be doing something for someone else that I don't want to be doing. And I just wasn't fully aligned. So there was something missing and that really led me into the coaching path. You know, and I started out as a, as a business coach for copywriters, helping other copywriters start their business and grow in the same way that I did.

And through that whole process of really diving into personal development and getting to know me more and discovering, you know, the law of attraction and manifestation, I now arrive at the point that I'm at. Currently, which is a combination of business coaching, but also transformational work because you can't just focus on the strategy piece.

Like you need the deep inner work to really access your next.


And I love that. And I remember when I came across your profile, you were killing it. You were absolutely killing it. I was like, yes, love this girl. And we instantly connected. Yeah. And I've honestly watched you blossom into this cause you, you transitioned into like a full manifestation coach and you were really dabbling in that.

And I think it is so it's, it's an amazing story and authority building factor where you have done the damn thing with strategy and that you felt guided and intuitively you transitioned into more of that law of attraction. And so you have both of those elements because. Which I think is such, is your superpower in a way, because what I've noticed is a lot of coaches tend to either be on one side or the other, and that's just how they are.

And there's nothing wrong with that, but you are able to fully educate and speak in a very. Professional way and experienced way on both elements and understand like actually why this strategy works or leaning into law and law of attraction here, which I think again is like your superpower as a coach.

Like that's amazing.


Thank you. , I really do like feel that and that's something that I have been. Intentionally focusing on cultivating more within myself and within my business, because when I first kind of transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship and personal development, my initial push was to just renounce the whole engineering thing like that analytical.

Logical strategy side of me. I was like, no, that's not me anymore. I'm not going to do that. You know, I was miserable there. Well, it wasn't the actual topic. It was the structure of the nine to five that doesn't work for me. And so now I'm really embracing like, Oh, I have an analytical mind and a creative mind in fairly equal proportion.

And when I cultivate this more and bring this out, not only does that get better results for my clients, but that's me being in alignment with who I really am

So that's how I can show up and actually serve to my fullest.


Yeah. And like, because you said you, you felt like you weren't connecting to that.

Like, what was that distinctive moment or period within your life where you were like, okay, this isn't it. And what kind of put you down that spiritual path and that leaning into more. The law of attraction universe manifesting because that's very different. And I find when people do really lean into that there's that moment where they're like, Oh, and it's like a transformational moment where you kind of go through your spiritual awakening if you want to call it that.

So, yeah. I'm curious to know what that moment was for you.


I don't know if there was like a singular moment. I think that it was kind of a lot of momentum. Of realizing that I can take all of the action. Like I can do all of the things that I'm supposed to do, but if I'm doing it from a place of, I don't really want to do this, this doesn't really feel good.

I don't think it's going to work out. It might work out, but it's probably not like, it doesn't matter what action I take and what results I get, because, at the end of the day, I'm going to feel the same way. Yeah, I feel unfulfilled. I'm going to feel disappointed. I'm going to feel upset, whatever, whatever those emotions happen to be in the moment.

And you know, this, this spirituality stuff, like whether it's the law of attraction or spirituality or psychology, or just, present moment awareness. This is the stuff that is not talked about in schools. It's not emphasized in our modern society, emotions. By themselves, right. Are often shamed and pushed down.

And so it's like when I started to discover, I first found the law of attraction with Abraham Hicks.


And when I first, discovered this whole new world, basically my mind was kind of blown. It was like, there's this whole other aspect of humanity that I have been ignoring and not just ignoring, but actively resist.

So it was really, it was really a process. I think. I,


I agree with that. The resisting, the factor of that cause me too. I'm sure most people have heard of manifesting and spirituality and you were kind of like, Oh, whatever, I'd be like. Yeah. Yeah. Like maybe I somewhat believe in little aspects, but you don't because you didn't understand the why the how, and the meaning behind it.

And that's where I feel like you dove in and you were like, Oh, and you let that creative side. Go after that and actually educate yourself and fully fall in love with the whole aspect of the law of attraction, because you understand it now. And I find it interesting too, because, through that spark of curiosity, it allowed you to pivot.

And I feel like that's something that a lot of entrepreneurs tuning into right now can resonate with that and relate to pivoting and knowing in your business, like you said, where. You're just like, Oh, do I really want to do this? Like, it doesn't like me up, like even myself, I've pivoted a few times as well in a year and a half.

And I think there's this mindset because I've talked with a lot of people have kind of, I don't want to say disappointment, but they have this feeling of failure around pivoting. They're like, Oh, well, I kind of failed at that business. But then on the flip side, so I've noticed that people either say like, Oh, like I have to start from scratch.

It's a very negative mindset, which we're going to dive into mindset too because you're just a master at that I find. And so with pivoting it's either, Oh, I kind of feel like a failure because I wasn't able to do that. Or people feel so aligned and they realize that's the universe pushing them to alignment, like their true purpose.


So I want to dive into the topic of mindset and motivation with you and just hear your, knowledge and expertise around limiting beliefs as an entrepreneur. And because we all experienced that and tie the whole law of attraction with the universe is trying to say, Oh, that's a source.


I love this topic so much. It's so bad because it's something that we all. Deal with all of us. And especially like, like you just said in that moment of the decision of, to pivot or to not, you can either face it with acceptance and love knowing that, it's like a trust fall with the universe, or you can resist it and be fearful and project disappointment before it's even happened.

And this goes, this is so true with everything. So with the whole mindset stuff, really the. The only goal or the only agenda here is to feel good. That's it? It's so, so simple. And even saying the words I'm like, okay, you've probably heard this before. It's really simple. Like, how do I make this land?

Because there's another layer to it that like, once it clicks, it's so powerful. So. When you consider the universe, right? Like we know this from a scientific perspective. Like when you think of the big bang, everything came from a singularity from this like an infinitely small point. So everything that we see around us, it's infinite, it's already been created.

It's already been done. There's no new stuff being added. We know that from physics. Right. But we also know this from spirituality and the law of attraction. You know that it is already done, that everything in the universe has already been created, like all States already exist. And when I say a state, I mean a perspective.

So an emotional state, a set of beliefs, a thought the lens through which you view reality. And when you understand that framework, that everything is already there, everything's already accessible to you. And as a part of consciousness, you are a conscious being. You are tied to that infinite reservoir of States of possibility of potentiality access it at any moment.

So that first piece of understanding happens and then comes the embodiment phase because it's one thing to understand a piece of information. And it's another thing entirely to embody it. All that means is that you are living it. It is your truth. It's not just this intellectual thing that hasn't crossed the barrier into your feelings.

How do you, that knowledge you can choose your state at any moment? And then really all of the mindset and all of the limiting beliefs stuff. And honestly kind of goes out the window a bit because when we talk about that, we're talking about techniques to get you into the place of feeling good.

You really need those deliberate techniques or those practices kind of up until the point that you've embodied the knowledge that you have instantaneous control over your state in every single moment, no matter what's going on around you.


And so for you, because this is something I've heard a lot is where are those limiting beliefs come in?

And I do want to ask you after this statement is what are some of the tools that you use in order to be in control of your state and not go down that rabbit hole, but what I've quite often heard. And I think this is what most people hear is it's your ego getting in the way. So not you're not speaking from your higher self, which is kind of like that whole, what you were just saying of being able to control your state and define what your life looks like when you have that understanding and knowledge.

that's mainly what I hear is your ego comes into play and that's where you're just like, I can't do this. I'm a failure. All of that's not going to happen or I'm going to get no one that signs up for my course.


Right. And your ego is really there too. I mean, it's designed to protect you, right?

So all of those examples that you just gave would be your ego's way of protecting you from something that you are resisting feeling. And it's always going to be in line with your program. You know, the belief systems that are running you. So I guess this is maybe we can talk about this kind of. I don't know if it's too much of a tangent, but just like programming and subconscious programs be something that can get in the way.

So you have, we are all programmed from such an early age, from our parents, from our caregivers up until the age of about seven or eight, we're operating from like 95% subconscious mind, which means that everything that comes in, you take it in as a felt experience. So, you know, your parents. Like yelling at you for not cleaning your room or something could be interpreted by your six-year-old self as, as a traumatic event, as an emotionally traumatic event.

And you could create a whole story around that and why you're, you're only good enough if you keep your house clean and if you're messy, you're not good enough. But then if you were to ask your parents, so you're 25, 30 years old, you're asking your parents. They probably don't even remember it's because it's about the perspective through which you're viewing.

If you mean the experience, I feel like I maybe kind of got off track there.


That's okay. Honestly, I love that conversation that flow, if you want to go off and educate on that one topic by all means. But basically, the question was because I was tying it into the ego and then keeping that.

Control of your state. What are some of the methods you use in order to do that and keeping your own self? Cause I'm sure you're human. You've had moments of limiting beliefs. You have had moments where you lose that control. So now that you have really dove in and made yourself very educated within this topic, what are some of the tactics that you have learned to keep yourself?

I guess level-headed yeah.


Great question. So. The first one, the biggest one for me has been consistent daily meditation. And I know that everyone likes to talk about meditation and you've got to meditate, whatever, but seriously, it's a big deal and you can start with like 10 or 15 minutes a day. That's totally great.

It does not have to be this big, long thing. I'm in a place in my life right now where I will meditate for like 45 minutes to like times two hours. Because it feels good because I want to, because there's this barrier, like this threshold that you cross, that you entered this completely different world within your mind, and it's a bit difficult to articulate and really explain it's more of just a felt experience.

But what meditation allows you to do is to be more aware of how you feel. So often the biggest culprit when it comes to these limiting beliefs and these stories. And I don't know if you've ever caught yourself in a moment where you're like, Oh my God, my thoughts are spiraling into like negativity right now.

How did this happen? How did I get there? That's because there were many steps before that moment and you just weren't aware, but if you're aware of how you feel, not just intellectually, what's going on in your mind, but how you feel. In your body, the more you're aware of that, the easier it is to catch and course correct.


And I think, you are right. A lot of people preach about meditation, but also it's the most basic, but I think one of the best ways to accomplish a lot of this. Connecting with the spirit of connecting with your higher self being grounded, calming your stress levels, even as an entrepreneur getting downloads.

And if that's something that also, if you get downloads, I'd love to hear about that too, after I find it so fascinating when people talk about that. And I think there's this also stigma around getting downloads from the universe and messages from your higher self, you have to be like a psychic. That's what a lot of people have said, but no. I've constantly heard that. I recently just switched my mindset on that.


What did it use to be


That I wouldn't be able to do that? I, actually, and I'm saying people struggle with meditation because I'm one of those people I now can do it probably about 15 minutes, but as you said, my mind starts spiraling.

And before my mindset was like, oh, I can't get messages. I'm not psychic. But I've really leaned into that intuitive gift because I've realized that I am very good at manifesting and yeah, I'm very good at manifesting being abundant. I ask for signs. And if you ask you shall receive and I'm open to receiving, and I've really tried to limit my resistance because that's a big thing.

And through that, I will get signs all the time and it's moments where it's like, Either I've asked for it or it's just what some people say is a coincidence, but it's not. And I'm like, wow. And I've really opened up my eyes to that in my mind. And everything had been like, I'm ready to receive all of these messages.

And the more you do that, the more they'll give you signs and you'll be abundant and attract stuff, you know?


Absolutely. And you have an excellent balance of masculine and feminine energy going on because you were such a boss in your business, you get all the things done, you plan, you execute all that's flawless, but then as you just said, you were open to receive. you know, you can't just give, give, give and take all the action and work, but close yourself off from receiving. That's not going to work. So that balance is a big part of what really helps the accurate manifestations come through. And one thing that I wanted to mention about meditation because I know it's so hard for a lot of people, especially when they're first getting started.

And especially in this age of like overstimulation, we're always looking for something outside of us to catch our interest. I mean, when was the last time you were just sitting there bored and you were okay with that feeling of being bored.


Yeah, I know I'm always on my phone or reading a book or doing something, but very rarely, like I'm alone a lot. I live alone. I'm not alone.


Oh yeah. I live, I live alone too, but I'm not, but yeah. With, with meditating, what can be helpful is when you're sitting there with your eyes closed, trying to release the thought, and it's not happening, you can simply. Be okay with the thoughts themselves. So as the thoughts come in, you can give them a label.

This is a thought, watch it pass over the screen of your consciousness. This is another thought I'm daydreaming about. I'm fantasizing about a disaster. This is a thought, whatever it is because really the practice is about observing. That's it. It's not about releasing all thought and being just some like nebulous blob it's, it's practicing the ability to focus your awareness.

It's like here, you're going to the gym in your mind. It's just working a muscle because then what happens over time? And when I say over time, if you've never meditated before, stick with it for like 60 days, minimum every single day. Then you will start to really notice the actual benefits and how you feel and how the external world responds to you.

Because after a while of doing this, what happens is that in some circumstance or some person or something that used to trigger an emotional reaction within you, that reaction may happen still. But right at that moment, something will flip and you'll say, Oh, I'm having this reaction.


So it's conscious.


Rather than, Oh my God. I just feel like I'm, I'm panicked or anxious and I don't know what's happening and I wish they didn't do that to me, you know?


And I think a big part too, with meditating and this I could be wrong, but this is from what I've gathered with my own information is it's it is about being conscious, but being aware that you're in the present moment.

And not going down that spiral and creating false events that are you will then make it your reality if you focus on it, because what you focus on will become. And so I think that too really helps and with business and an entrepreneur that is so crucial and I can confidently say, when I leaned into my spirituality, my business took off.

Everything was mindset like. Just the peace of mind, knowing and believing and supporting the fact that there is a source universe, guides, whatever you want to call it in your world that is supporting you for your greater good. And that truly everything is happening in divine time. That has helped me through my lowest of lows.

Like when I got activated twice, I dove in and if I wasn't spiritual, I would have been like a pity party. I would have been playing, making myself the victim. I would have been a hot mess, but I went inward. I meditated. And if you want to say downloads, I came up with a Facebook group. The first time I realized the lesson and the message was to diversify my brand.

And I benefited, I leaned into my intuition and the meditating helped. It helped my mindset the second time. Created a YouTube channel. That's what I'm about. so I think, like your messages around mindset and meditating is so important. It's basic, but it's fundamental.


Well, and you said something that is so, so crucial.

So being in the present moment, that is when you get downloads, that's the only time you