Ep. 005 | The Importance of Owning Digital Space VS Renting Space

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Welcome to the fifth episode of Tash Talks! In today's episode, we're diving into how I've been wrongfully deactivated from Instagram twice. I dive into how you don't own any of these apps or the digital space, you simply rent it and you can get evicted with zero notice. It's time to take your power back as a CEO and build a sustainable business on your owned digital space.

Hello, and welcome to the fifth episode of Tash Talks! I am sitting in my living room right now on the floor and I just felt so compelled to turn this my and get this message out because as I'm sitting here I am currently feeling extremely defeated. And I do not wanna be that Entrepreneur that just shares the great moments of Entrepreneurship and my launches and my wins.


If I'm not feeling good and I can share my shitty experiences with you as an entrepreneur and my vulnerable moments. That is what I'm gonna do. Because entrepreneurship is hard, owning a business is hard and right now it's hard. And why it is? Is because for those of you that are tuning in you understand Instagram. You know it is an absolute main pillar in our business. It's our breaking mortar. We can have a great email list, we can have our podcast, we can have our website but Instagram is just that very important and most popular app that we all are on, and we kind of put our livelihood so into it and I'm just gonna break it down a little.

So a lot of you have connected with me in the past month because in October I got deactivated from Instagram and let me tell that was absolutely gut-reaching. I woke up and I was deactivated. I felt that my business was deleted and I felt like my hard work was just absolutely gone from a year and a half that I took to build that up. I created a course around Instagram. I said that is exactly how I created a six-figure business in 6 months is to Instagram and it hit me all at once when I woke up and I was like, holy shit! it's gone.

After a lot of tears and I don't cry a lot but after a lot of tears and panic and stress, anxiety. I said, enough is enough and I was like how can I come out to this on top. So I strategized and I caught my shit together and I Created a Facebook group called The Entrepreneur Hub. And let me tell you, creating that Facebook group has been the best thing to happen at my business in a very long time and I danced to the idea of starting a Facebook group for ages, coz I was like I don't really want to, I don't feel called to, and didn't light me up.

So I said I'll do everything in my business that doesn't light me up but let me tell you the second I started it and I started it because of my Instagram account that was disabled the first time. After a few weeks went by, I saw the impact it had on how rapidly it grew. How I was sitting there hoping online educating people then saving the life of a free lesson section so it's like a course style where people can totally consume my content at their own pace. At all times, it was a light bulb moment. This is the reason why I'm tipping in my business we're talking about that more as we get closer to the dates of 2021. But anyways, I realized this is exactly what my business needed and I again had an epiphany I realized holy crap! I put all of my eggs into one basket which Instagram.


And if you are listening to this right now the main reason I wanted to get on this podcast right now and record this episode just intuitively is coz I want to remind you that you don't own Instagram. You do not own that, You are renting that space, and if that landlord of Instagram, well the creator of Instagram or the reps or whatever. If Instagram wants to take away everything, your hard work, your followers, your reach, your business, they can! Just like they have done to me. And then again the reason why I wanted to get on this podcast right now and just record coz I have been deactivated again. I am sitting here and it's Friday, November 13th, and I was set up to launch my course ok, November 16th I've been prep for months and put endless hours into this I was projecting my most successful launch yet. I was easy, I didn't feel a launch hangover coming, This is just afloat.

I have been so excited and what happened on Thursday, November 12 I got deactivated again My business one and my personal because you know what it is a rented space why I'm getting deactivated I have no idea I am literally like a huge advocate for Instagram. I follow the guidelines I don't do a bot-like activity so my mind it's just very CONFUSED as to why this is happening but you know what it is life and thank God that the first time that happened I learned my lesson in a sunset don't put all your eggs in one basket I created a podcast and I launched it right after.

I then created a Facebook group so that I can nurture my community more and I don't have to just rely on Instagram does it suck right now? Am I in a great place in my business? No! Because you know what I don't think I'm going to launch Monday don't know yet I am crossing my fingers because of who knows what will happen but you guys you need to start getting people on your owned digital space, your website your email. But I encourage you to get your audience, followers, leads, and clients on your owned digital space because if you stay on that rented space what if you wake up tomorrow and it's gone and you don't have an email list that is nurtured and ready to buy from you if you can have a solid website and you can have a podcast or just areas and you diversify your audience and your online presence so that you can serve them and show up and no one else can dictate when that's going to shut down that is empowering and that is a sustainable business.


So I just wanted to get on here tell you again, you are on rented space when you were on Instagram or any apps so if you have been dancing around on the idea of starting that email list, just start today because I'm grateful that about a year ago I heard a similar situation in a story I don't remember her name but her account got deleted she could not get it back and that happened in a middle of her launch and this happened right before my launch so that sucks and I mean again I'm praying its come back.

But if I didn’t have that email list that I grew over a year ago because I heard a similar story where someone entirely redoes their Instagram account because it got deleted not deactivated, I was mortified and I was scared so I started growing my email list over a year ago or just about a year ago, I'm pretty sure. I could be wrong with the timeline.

Nevertheless, I created my email list, I nurtured it, I built it up and thankfully I’ve been able to stay in contact with my audience from there and my clients, my followers, and as well with my Facebook group but that is not old obviously but I diversified my business I have not put all my eggs in one basket. So the reason I'm sitting here recording this podcast that's not scheduled and I don't have a script and it kinda feels of just talking to you one on one in my living room is because I wanted to remind you and just express how important it is for you to get people on your owned digital space I wanted to be real and let you know that it's not a great time for me right now this is a shitty time of entrepreneurship.

I’m in that low where I feel defeated. Will I get through it? Absolutely! I got through this before once and I will get through it again. I know I will get my account reactivated, I’m also setting that intention but I’m not worried because I know the steps. It's just the timing and all because like I said I have my first launch which is Monday, November 16 that Friday right now and I'm praying that I get it back by then but as entrepreneurs, we have to think quick on our feed and we have to pivot if we need to switch your strategies switch our date, do this and that to ensure that we are still running as a business and that we still come out on top, So that's what I'm going to do. Do I know how I'm going to get there? What I'm going to do right now? No! But I will get through it and once I get my account back I'm going to launch those course The Sales Expert Bundle and I can't wait and I am going to come up with the most amazing ideas of how to continue to diversify my voice my business extend my reach in other areas so that if God forbid this happens a third time I will not be as devastated and I will be good to go.

So I hope you like today's episode that was super random and not schedule but again I don't really called to just sit down in record and talk to you about how I'm feeling express the realness of entrepreneurship and how it's not always great not always sunshine and butterflies and happiness over here it's hard owning your own business and if I can make you feel comfortable if you're going through a tough time or if you do in the future or you have you are not alone it's not always great but you know what it is always worth it in my opinion because owning your business and taking control of your life that's living out your dream and not living on my dream and my opinion and I hope that you found some value in this episode for me sharing my struggles and being open about me going through it right now and I really do hope that this lit a fire underneath to start your email list start that podcast do the damn thing take your power back as a CEO.

That will conclude today's episode if you want to stay connected for now my podcast Instagram Tash Talks podcast is actually still active so if you want to slide up my DM there or if you wanted to join my Facebook community The Entrepreneur Hub and by all means that will be a link in the show notes and I’m on my website you can email me I'm always here to chat and if you want to talk about what's going on if you've been deactivated before or you're scared then let's have a conversation and we can chat more about this one on one but I hope you enjoyed today's episode and I will see you in the next one.


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