Ep. 003 | Getting Into The Minds of Your Consumers

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Welcome my friend to the third episode of Tash Talks! I can’t believe I’m three episodes in, the feedback, love, and support I’ve received for this has left me speechless and beyond grateful! In today’s episode we’re going to be talking about getting into the minds of your consumers and getting them locked onto you. The goal here is to breakdown some of my favourite elements of sales psychology so you have your potential clients buying from you with urgency and excitement.


Let’s dive into WHY you need sales psychology implemented into your marketing, touch on the basics, and uncover the potential it can do for your business.

Think of it like this, have you ever fallen onto someone's sales page. IG, or website and you just KNOW you need to buy what they’re selling? Like somehow their words are just speaking to your soul, and you literally cannot get their offer out of your head?!

That’s the answer to WHY you need sales psychology in your marketing. You get into the minds of your consumers and you get them LOCKED onto what you’re selling.



Marketing is all about evoking emotion inside of your consumers and how to do that is through understanding their minds and the psychology of their buying habits. I’m going to give you 3 key elements to sales psychology so you can start crushing your sales chats and hitting those financial goals of yours:

1. People automatically look for connections and common ground

In any environment or when introduced to new people for the first time it is human nature to seek out things which connect us to each other or to our surroundings. Finding common ground or shared interests breaks ice and instils feelings of comfort and mutual trust. For a salesperson this means taking the initiative to discover mutual links which can be used to establish a rapport with a potential customer, since human nature also dictates that we are more likely to buy from someone with whom we have a relationship or bond than from a complete stranger -- which is why I’m focusing on soul-centered sales and entirely ditching those cold messages. They aren’t genuine and as stated in the facts, people are here to buy from people not strangers.

2. Emotions overrule logic

Purchasing decisions are frequently based upon the satisfaction of emotional needs and desires rather than for logical reasons. Appealing to customers' emotions, such as fear ('if you don’t buy now you'll lose out and regret it'), pride ('our product will put you way ahead of your competitors') or greed ('buy one, get two free') is a powerful sales tactic.

3. You have just seven seconds to make the right first impression

Research has demonstrated people make snap judgements - rightly or wrongly -about a person's character and trustworthiness within seven seconds of meeting them for the first time. Once made, it is difficult to change a person's initial judgement of you, so for a salesperson giving a potential client the best possible first impression is crucially important to conducting successful business with them. At the very least you should dress smartly, smile, offer your hand in greeting, make appropriate eye-contact and project an aura of warmth, honesty and friendliness.

Those are my 3 tips for you today -- I hope they helped you get excited about sales psychology and gets you in the mindset of, “sales aren’t negotiable”.


I want you to ditch that mindset that selling is sleazy and it’s wrong. You’re an entrepreneur and you’re here to impact others lives through YOUR passions and expertise. Instead of thinking wow I feel icky selling every day and pitching my services to my leads think of this instead → you’re doing your leads a disservice by not selling them your offer because you know how powerful it is. Your intentions and goals are to help other business owners around the world make shifts and strive for greatness and your life purpose is to help get them there. Their investment will be well worth it and all your hard work will pay off not only for you, but for them since you’re so kindly sharing your zone of genius with them.


You are doing them a disservice by not selling them your offer.

It’s minor mindset tweaks like this that will entirely transform your mindset about selling and in return you’ll start to show up as the fearless leader I know you are, you’ll radiate confidence, and embody the value of your offer. Remember, when selling or launching it’s all about the energy you put out and if you can FEEL GOOD about selling, you’ll FEEL EVEN BETTER when you sell out because people could pick up on the authentic excitement.

I want you to keep this in mind when selling -- your main goal is to make your clients or potential clients feel heard + grow an emotional connection towards you. This is where they’ll separate you from all other competitors.

I hope you enjoyed today's episode and you have a new outlook on selling, I want you to get excited about it! I actually have a special gift that just dropped today! It’s a 4 part series that’s called, “Become a Sales Expert” -- it’ll dive into sales scripts, handling objections, follow ups, and done for your templates, you won’t want to miss it! Head on over my facebook community, to get immediate access to this! You can find the link below.

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