Ep. 002 | Why You Should Lead With Soul-Centered Sales

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Welcome to the second episode of Tash Talks, I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee with oat milk and I’m sitting on the floor in my closet...that’s entrepreneurship for ya.Today we’re diving into one of my favourite topics ever! Soul-centered sales...now let’s kick this podcast off with discussing the dreadful cold pitches we all get...ya the “hey girl, love your content, I’m so called to your page and I think you’d seriously live for my new mastermind” -- I honestly cringe at the thought of those DMs. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the hustle, but there’s a better and more authentic way to hustle and land clients. You’re probably sitting there thinking about the recent DMs or pitches you’ve got that you simply rolled your eyes at and said ya..no..I’m good.


Can we all just agree collectively right now that sleazy sales and cold pitches just ain’t it?! Like no tea or shade to other businesses that do that, yes it can work, but that doesn’t mean you should do it. If you know me, you know I’m all about being my 100% authentic self and you can bet that my sales align with that mindset too. When you combine your passion + soul-centered strategies that = the utmost abundance, I think far too many times people get client crazy and just accept anyone that comes their way and focus on the metrics way too much.

Why don’t we take a step back and analyze who and what lights you up? How can you start showing up as your authentic self, and radiate confidence? I feel, no I know...that if you just take a few short minutes and pause to think on those 3 questions and then start leading with them in your business, your dream clients will effortlessly come to you.

At the end of the day sales are just an exchange of energy and when you radiate authenticity and confidence, you’ll have people drawn to you and buying with urgency.


Within today’s episode, I’m going to be giving you some of my best kept secrets on how you can transform your sales so that you get excited to pitch your offers. I want you to wake up and feel aligned with your methods not put off or scared of them. I never want you to think, “Ooooh I hope she didn’t think I was pushy or manipulative after that sales call” ever again. It’s time to step into your power and get big empowered YES’S from all of your clients.

Okay, let’s dive in shall we?

Enthusiasm is the key to conversions

If you show up and you’re excited to talk with your client and they can feel your enthusiasm behind the keyword or sales call -- you’re getting them locked onto you. People want to be around high vibe individuals and if you make them feel special with enthusiasm, you’re going to stick out from all the other competitors.

Emotion sells

People want to feel connected to a brand and their purchases. Remember, people will never forget how you make them feel -- so make it special and genuine!

Get scrappy

If the conversation is flowing you are in a good back and forth conversation with your client, keep it going. This relates back to being human and authentic -- people want to have a human to human connection so real conversations allow that to blossom in your relationship.

Video message / Voice memo

This will elevate the whole personable touch and add extra enthusiasm behind what you’re saying. Be cautious though and don’t over do it or else people will feel overwhelmed or skip through all the messages.

Humour to break the ice and disarm

Catching someone off-guard with some humorous jokes can instantly deepen your bond and remove their walls. You will disarm them with your humor and build up that reputation quickly. This is my best kept secret because it stays true to who I am (lil jokester), but it’s also an effective tactic.

Okay okay okay, because I love you oh so much, I’ll give you a BONUS TIP. Now, I did mention this above on what not to do, but I’ll say it again because it’s THAT significant. DO NOT, I repeat do not cold pitch someone...ever. Your conversion rates plummet and it’s just not authentic, it puts a bad taste in peoples mouth, and you're killing your sales. Let’s just agree right now and make a pack ok, a podcast pack hahaha that we swear to never ever cold pitch someone. Deal? Deal.

That’ll be a wrap on today’s episode, but the value doesn’t stop here my friend. I’m actually going to be hosting a 4 part freebies series in my Facebook group and via emails on Monday October 26 -- it’s going to be diving further into soul-centered sales, I’m giving you done for you sales scripts, advanced objection scripts, and stress-free follow up tips, plus free IG sales page templates...yep all of that for free!


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