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Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Welcome welcome welcome, to the first episode of Tash Talks. I am so excited to be sitting here in my closet, recording my first ever podcast episode. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. My passion has always been to educate like minded women to go after it, take risks, and live their life on their own terms. Break the mindset that society so heavily portrays with regards to success, money, and your career. I think most of us grew up being told to go to school, get good grades, build your resume up, and land that secure 9-5 job within your field and climb your way up that corporate ladder. Am I right?! I know I definitely was put down that path from a young age, my dad was actually the first ever entrepreneur in my family. He has founded over 3 successful businesses in his lifetime, but he gave that up to focus more on his family and go after his passions in the corporate world, so you could say I was most definitely pushed from a young age to get good grades, graduate top of class, and build my resume up so I good build a good rapport within the corporate world. So...I did just that. After I gave up my hustle with basketball, fun fact, I played competitive basketball my entire life growing up and my dad had his hopes and dreams of me making that a career, but I wasn’t aligned with it, so I put all my hustle into school and landing a Government job and if you’re from Ottawa, you KNOW how secure and sought out that job is.


After I got into my program at the University of Ottawa, which I majored in communication and minored in business, but specialized in marketing, shocker I know, I landed a Government job in my first year of university. I was over the moon, I really thought I made it and I was going to be set for life….fast forward 4 years later and I’m in my final year of university and in one of the most sought of department in the Government, GAC, which is global affairs Canada, this was when I started to really reevaluate my career path . I started to feel so disconnected from the work, the environment, and just everything that the job was, I was terrified of. I didn’t want to live my life counting down the weekdays until Friday, that grim feeling in the office Monday morning was becoming more challenging as the months went on, and the simple tasks started to dim my spark.

A few months before my graduation, I got offered a full time position in the Government, a $61K job right out of university...are you kidding me? First year Tash would be jumping with joy, but 4th year Tash was crying out of fear hahahaha, literally...I went home and cried to my sister that night after signing the contract because I knew it wasn’t aligned with my purpose. I felt so lost and confused as to where my life would go with regards to my career -- I spent the last 4 years working towards this goal I thought I wanted so desperately, but as it approached I realized it was something I wanted to avoid like the plague. Now, I do just want to clarify, I am in no way shaming anyone for taking this career path, it is such an accomplishment to land a job within your field and climb that corporate ladder, I’m just relating this to my life and goals, so please don’t take offense!

Anywho, I signed that contract and I was miserable. I realized I was chasing my parents dreams, their version of success and their idea of how my life should look like. I was conditioned growing up to land that dream corporate job and get the good grades, but I never really sat down and thought if that’s what IIII truly want. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that situation. We all know that our parents mean well and they want nothing, but the best for us, but sometimes they just do not know what that is and you have to go against their definition of success and create your own. Creating your own definition of success can cause a lot of judgement, disagreements, and doubt within your family, but this is your life. It’s your life to live, fail at, and succeed at. If you don’t shape your future how you want it to look like, then you’ll be living for someone else and that just ain’t it.


It was during my final semester in University, during my exam season, and a few months into my full time job where I started my business. I know...talk about bad timing eh? It happened by accident, like total accident. I had just created a website for myself so that I had a flashy resume to show, at the time I was determined to land a new job I was passionate about, I was looking at local marketing agencies and consulting firms. After having a few interviews and landing almost every single job, I almost left my Government job to embark on a new journey, but one day my friend Jen, who owns a very successful cosmetic clinic here in Ottawa saw my website and asked if I could design her website and I was like well yes of course!! I loved designing my own and I thought this would be a fun little side project. After we published that site I started getting DMs from people asking how much I charge for web design and I was like...charge??!?!! Boom...that’s when NZ DESIGNING came to life. In the span of a few hours I upgraded my site, slapped a real shitty logo onto my business, and voila I was a business owner. I mean that’s how it works right? Hahahahaha.

Fast forward one month into my business, I stopped hunting for other jobs and decided to stay at my Government one because it was slow work so it allowed me to multitask and work on my business while I was there..not a bad gig if you ask me. It was when I was crunching numbers I realized I earned a little over $10 thousand dollars my first month of business. I couldn’t believe it...I never ever thought that was possible, but the numbers didn’t lie. The next month, same thing, and the third month, well I quit my Government job and took my business full time. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared shitless..I went from living that safe and secure 9-5 life, to randomly starting a business with no experience or idea of how to do it, to quitting and taking it full time in 3 short months.

I was terrified.

But you know what? I was fulfilled and happy. I felt like I found my purpose and for once, I felt excited about the future of my career.


Now, here I am today a little over a year and a half into my business and what once was terrifying to me is what once was safe and secure to me. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. I get to wake up and help women all around the world, work from home, book my hair appointments any time I want hahaha, and live out my passion. I can confidently say I have created my dream life and found my absolute purpose in life by the age of 22. I feel so much gratitude and happiness when I think about what I’ve accomplished and what I will continue to accomplish in my life time now that my success and career can go anywhere I want it to go. There’s no glass ceiling or slow process, I’m the founder and CEO of my happiness now.

I went from being a broke student who lacked creativity and purpose in my life to a multiple six figure business owner in a few short months. When you combine passion + a plan that = a life filled with abundance.

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Well this will wrap up the first ever episode on Tash Talks -- I hope my story inspires you no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re listening to this on your way to your 9-5 job and hoping to go full time in your business, you’ve just taken that leap of faith and you’re grinding to live out your dream, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur whose crushing it. This business style podcast is meant for any and all entrepreneurs, no matter where you are on your journey. I’ve been at all 3 of those stages and I’m here to show you that if I can do it, a young woman who lived to fit her parents idea of success, has the University degree, and had the dream job in the corporate world, but decided to give it all up to redefine the terms of success, then you sure as hell can do it too.

I’ll be uploading a new episode every single week and you can expect nothing, but good stories, real life chats, and value packed episodes. I’m so happy you’re listening and until the next time, keep taking risks and keep living out YOUR dreams and I will talk to you soon!


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