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Let's redefine success shall we? 
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Getting Into the Minds of Your Consumers


How to Build the Yes Ladder

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The Importance of Owning Digital Space Vs


Why You Should Lead With Soul-Centered Sales
I’m going to be giving you some of my best kept secrets on how you can transform your sales so that you get excited to pitch your offers. I want you to wake up and feel aligned with your methods not put off or scared of them.
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Oh hey there
i'm natasha zoryk
The face behind the microphone, Canadian boss babe, and wine lover. I started this podcast because my passion is to female entrepreneurs scale, profit, and master their business. I love serving others through free, value packed content -- I hope this podcasts helps you along your journey to your best self.
There's nothing I love more than creating a life I once dreamed of, chasing my crazy goals, and checking off my long bucket list.
This podcast being one of them.
So my friend, throw those headphones on, get working, driving, or walking, whatever your podcasting mood is and tune in for some real af episodes that will serve you nothing but, killer tips and bomb stories.