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Your life and bank account are about to change... want to work less, but make more?

Then this course was made for you

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I can't stop's here, it's finally here! Passive Profits is a self paced 4 week online course made for emerging or established entrepreneurs who are seeking more money, more time, and more freedom in their life. If you're on the verge of burnout and desperately seeking more flexibility within your business, then you're in the right place. This course was designed to change your entire life...and bank account 💰😏.


From basic to expert level, you're going to walk away from this course knowing your passive product(s), how to set up effective automations, master email marketing, dominate social media marketing, and transform into a manifestation queen.

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Ready to earn unimaginable money, gain more freedom, and dominate IG marketing?

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"TASH. I’m literally only on Module One and I’m feeling SO INSPIRED. I got my journal out and started writing down passive product ideas!! Thank you so much for this course, I can’t wait to put everything into practise!"

Laura Couture

Design Studio

the full

"I have invested a lot of money in other courses and NONE of them are like Natasha's. Just none. no question about it. This course gave me the confidence and courage to start my very own business. Natasha really makes you feel empowered and if you are looking for that sign and that extra push...girl this is it!! INVEST IN THE COURSE!!"

Alexandra Bit



Video Testimonial

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

hey there!

I'm Natasha Zoryk otherwise known as your new instructor 🤩. I'm the founder and CEO of a 6 figure Digital Marketing and Design Agency.

I built my very own 6 figure business in less than 6 months using the power of Instagram. I was able to hit my first $10k month in my first month of business and my first $21K month within 5 months. Through fail proof methods, I've been able to master the art of selling online, become a thought leader, and disrupt a saturated industry.

With rapid growth and success, also came some major downfalls. About 7 months into my business, I was faced with the worst burnout.

This is where my passive income journey all began, The Instagram Kit, my elite guide to Social Media Marketing came to life. I went from being overwhelmed 👉🏼 to gaining more freedom and more money.

Are you down to finally pay your debt off, gain flexibility, and scale your business?


Great, let me give you all my tools on how I entirely transformed my business in a few short months to be highly sustainable and wildly profitable.

Let's doooo disssss!!!!

*fist bump*   👊🏼

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

"OMG I love the course!!! I just finished Module One, and I am freaking mind blown.

This is the exact Blueprint I needed in order to create my course, you break it down step by step which makes it simple. I was scared SHITLESS to create a course, but you made it so simple.

I already have a course in mind, title, and everything mapped out - YAY"

Jennifer Guzman

Manifestation and Business Coach



I'm sold


Passive income basics and structure



Make your business work for you



Stand out in a saturated industry



How to successfully launch your passive offer​


Module 5 - Manifestation

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits


Do you want this?

💸 Automate your emails

💸 Make your biz sell for you

💸 Master social media marketing

💸 Successfully launch anything

💸 Have evergreen sales funnels

💸 Get paid every single day

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

''I didn’t expect anything less from Natasha. Everything she puts out is jam packed with the most relevant and up to date tools and systems. Passive Profits is no different. She overdelivers in each of her modules where she hands you exactly what you need to start TODAY! It is easy to understand and she lays it all out for you in simple terms. Natasha is brilliant and a true expert in the field of creating passive income. She is one you want to trust! This is one of my very favourite courses that I’ve ever taken!"

Courtney Taylor

Transformational Coach

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$17,174.35 CAD

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I went from having a no impact on Instagram, no leads, working 7 days a week, charging the lowest rates, and only making money while I was physically working










7000+ LEADS



Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

"I just have to tell you...I was getting into a funk with what I wanted to create for my course I started filming it and realized I was completely confused by it.

I’ve completed your module one workbooks and oh my gosh, in the product creation book “set clear learning goals” literally SAVED ME! I made a list of the exact transformation and wins and now it’s all clear...and I'm only on Module 1!!!!"

Caterina Maria

Trauma Coach

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Does this sound like you?

✔️ Do you dream of making more money effortlessly?

✔️ Are you stuck in a rut within your business, not knowing where or how to get it back on track?

✔️ Have you downloaded every freebie, attended all the free masterclasses, and binge-watched countless youtube videos trying to spark that "Ah-Ha!" moment in your business?

✔️ Or maybe you want to create systems to make your business work for you, make money for you.

✔️ You've sat there trying to map out a social media marketing plan, but have no idea how to show up in your saturated industry.


✔️ You can't shake the feeling that you aren't doing enough. That you'll never make $10K...$20K months. You're experiencing the worst imposter syndrome.

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it's time to

live your best life

Just make a lot of money while doing it...

imagine this...

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

You're on vacation, sipping that mojito on the beach,

you get paid.

You're touring Sevilla, Spain, exploring the wonders of Europe,

you get paid.

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

You're on a girls trip in New York, attending a summit,

you get paid.

You're drinking wine on your balcony, reading your favourite book,

you get paid.

Well, guess what...this is my life. I'm currently bringing over 5 figures every month passively. Whether I'm snuggled up on my balcony or I'm travelling the world, I get paid.

...and you can too!


Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

$15,453 CAD 💰 

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits



Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

Module 1

Passive Income Basics And Structure:

💲 Passive income basics

Whether you have 748 ideas or 0 this module will guide you down the path of unimaginable success. Covering the basics to high level concepts, you're set to uncover your million dollar idea(s). This module is designed to put your mind and creativity at ease so you can find ample success within Passive Profits.

💲 Figuring out your passive offer

If you're a newbie or a seasoned vet with content creation this module is still designed specifically for you. This uncovers my coined methods on how to tap into your zone of genius and really dig deep within to find that million dollar idea(s).

💲 Pricing 101: low, medium, high ticket offers

Never worry about whether your prices are too high or too low. This module uncovers the psychology behind low-high ticket offers. With a variety of examples per category, ways to market each, and in depth descriptions - transforming you into you a pricing expert.

master workbooks


💲 The Basics Blueprint

💲 Create Your Passive Product Guide

Module 2

How To  Make Your Business Work For You:

💲 The only email marketing techniques you’ll ever need: mental triggers to increase sales

Entirely transform the way you look at email marketing. It's time get inside of your target audiences  mind. The methods I coach will allow you to really tap into their needs and wants. It's time to scale your business all while converting leads on a daily basis.

💲 Make your business sell for you: evergreen sales funnels

Ever wonder how people gain more freedom, but make more money? It's because they've mastered the art of sales funnels and have the right systems and operations set in place to work for them. Within this module, you're going to learn the magic of sales funnels so you can ditch the burnout once and for all.

💲 How to make killer lead magnets

The key to getting in front of new audiences and untapped leads is by having leads generators. Ready to become a lead magnet and get step by step guides on how to constantly generate more leads and more sales?

💲 Generate a sale within a sale: add-on offer

Because who wants to sell when your business can do that for you? Learn my fail proof and coined methods on how I've been able to secure constant sales and reoccurring revenue.

master workbooks + extras:

💲 Email Marketing Guide

💲 Evergreen Sales Funnels

💲 Plug and Play Freebie Template

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

Module 3

How To Stand Out In A Saturated Industry:

💲 How to make your IG followers obsessed with you

Get my blueprint on how I've been able to generate a 6 figure business through the power of Instagram. It's time to ditch the low impact and low reach content and transform into an absolute IG powerhouse.

💲 The posting rule you never knew you needed

I can almost guarantee you that you spend WAY too much time on Instagram. Follow my posting rule that will maximize your reach, but minimize your efforts. It'll change your gram' game fooo' life!

💲 How to show up on your stories and improve your brand identity

We're here for real and authentic relationships. Learn all of my coined methods and tactics on how I show up and dominate Instagram stories.

💲 How to sell on stories

It's no secret, video and stories are money makin' gold! I live and breathe by the methods I coach within this section. Want to sell out your offers effortlessly, get waitlisted for months, and become a money makin' machine? Well, buckle up buttercup, you're getting all the goodies!​

💲 How to sell in the DMs

Ditch the stale and dry's killing your conversion rates. Follow my methods on how I land clients on the daily. Actually...even better, these methods will get your dream clients knocking down YOUR virtual door.

💲 How to blow up your DMs

It's time to have your dream clients screaming and shouting to work with you! Can you hear the, "Pick me" Pick me" "No, Pick meeee's!!" yet? I have a simple, yet highly effective method that will immediately blow up your DMs, tap into your spiciest leads, and increase your conversion rates.​

💲 Increase conversion with your call to actions (CTA’s)

These tactics are physiologically proven to double your reach and improve user experience. You're missing out on more engagement, more impact, and more sales.​

💲 Bonus: how to run an insanely successful giveaway

With 2 wildly successful giveaways...I'm talking over 3000 entries per giveaway, I couldn't leave you hanging! I uncover each and every one of my secrets on how to have a giveaway that goes viral.

master workbook + extras:


💲 The Caption Formula

💲 Plug and Play Giveaway Template

Module 4

How to successfully launch your passive offer​:

💲 How to effectively prime your audience in the pre launch phase

Never EVER fail at launching any service, offer, or product again. It's time to level up your marketing game. Learn my entire pre launch methods and strategies that ensure insane hype and sales. *pop the 🍾 * 

💲 How to get more eyes on your IG a week before your launch

Through the tactics taught, you'll tap into new leads and position yourself in front of a massive audience a week before your launch. This will increase your sales and overall reach for your launch.

💲 What to do during your official launch

The work ain't done just yet! There's money left on the table, it's time to collect what's yours. Get all the details on how you can convert those silent and final leads during your official launch.

💲 Increase sales after your launch

Follow these strategies to land the remaining leads that just haven't taken the leap of faith yet and invested in you. Set up your sales funnels and celebrate your wins by still making effortless money.

master workbook + extras:

💲 Elite Guide: Launching Plan

💲 The Prime and Prevail Launch Content Planner

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

bonus module 5


💲 Manifest money while you sleep

This money magic tip literally blew up my Instagram when I uncovered some of it. My DMs blew up with endless success stories. It's time to manifest your way to financial getting your beauty sleep!

💲 My best manifestation tips

I uncover the spiritual and manifestation practices I live by. 

What would this do for you and your business? Are you currently daydreaming about this being you?

It's time to stop daydreaming and take the leap. It's time to put your happiness first and embark on your new passive income journey. 

It's time to stand out in your saturated industry and make unimaginable money.


Hear me out

You're going to get my signature launching strategy...

✔️ Had over 40 members on the money wall 2 weeks before my official launch

✔️ Made over $20K a week before carts opened

✔️ Sold spots for the course 3 weeks before it was even finished

✔️ Finished my launch and profited over $51K 

✔️ Had my DMs blowing up with followers demanding to secure their spot after the big reveal

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits

This ain't your average course...if you're ready to entirely elevate your business and say cya to the failed launches, then this course was made for you.

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payment plan


Pay In Full (BOOM💥)

3 Payments Of


VALUE: $2491 USD

ONLY: $697 USD

Ready to earn unimaginable money, gain more freedom, and dominate IG marketing?


To celebrate constant sales

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits


Inspire. Educate. Mentor

Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits
Natasha Zoryk_Passive Profits



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